The Story of Our Airstream

The Story of Our Airstream

The roads were sloppy – full of slush and salt and sand. We had been driving for a few hours, making our way back home after a Christmas visit with family downstate. Our girls, then two and four,IMG_20160410_212531were tired and wanted nothing more than to be home. I agreed with them wholeheartedly. I was car sick from turning around and trying to entertain them, and nervous about the slick roads.

Justin, ever an adventurer, saw the trailer on the side of the road with a FOR SALE sign stuck in the window. He slammed on the breaks (making me more car sick) and said, “I just have to take a peek.”

I stayed in the car with the kids. I turned up the heat and looked out the window, only to realize he had found his way into the trailer.

Minutes passed and he returned with a grin on his face. “That thing is awesome. You need to go look.”

We unclipped the girls from their car seats and stepped out into the cold, sloppy mess. Justin opened the door for me.”Go in! Go in!”

My foot slipped on the floor. When I regained my footing, I looked up.

“Oh, shit.”

I didn’t expect to immediately fall in love, but I did.

Justin called the number on the sign. Unfortunately, it was already sold. I was heartbroken, but at least now I knew what kind of trailer I wanted – an Argosy.

Six months later, I was scrolling through a local garage sale group on Facebook when I came across someone selling a “fixer upper trailer.” There were no pictures and no other descriptions, but I sent him a message anyway. I had very little hope that it was going to be anything worthwhile, but to our pure, dumb luck, it was another Argosy.

We drove out the next day and handed over the money before the previous owner could change his mind.

And that’s how we became the new proud owners of a 1973 Airstream Argosy 26′.

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