Airstream Rock Guards – Protect Your Windows!

Airstream Rock Guards – Protect Your Windows!


Airstreams have beautiful, wonderful windoHow to Protect Your Airstream Windowsws. I long for the day that I can sit at the table and work while I watch the sunrise with a cup of hot coffee from our Argosy. It’s a huge inspiration for me as we renovate our Airstream.

Before we brought our Airstream home, I started reading up on the AirForums and Facebook groups about what the heck to do next. One of the first things that people always say is to protect your windows. 

We don’t have a huge budget to spend on the Argosy at the moment. In fact, we looked pretty pathetic, but we didn’t want to have a rock fly through the windows on the first journey home, so we grabbed as much cardboard as we could and taped it onto the front windows with as much duct tape as we owned.

Cardboard was fine for the initial trip home, but we certainly don’t want to be doing that every time and so I’ve been researching our options.

Justin is a wooden boat builder and will likely build us some sweet looking rock guards, but that
will take a lot of time and effort, so I’ve been looking up our options on rock guards for purchase.

So, if you’re looking for some rock guards, here’s what I’ve found for options:

  • Poor Man’s Rock Guards

    There are a couple of ways to make rock guards on the cheap. If you’re just trying to get from point A to point B, cardboard and duct tape seem to work fine. Well, they did for us. No guarantees.

    On the AirForums, I came across someone discussing the idea of using suction cup bathmatsI am not recommending this. While those things have dozens of suction cups on them, I can imagine that they could easily go flying before you realize that something is wrong.

  •  DIY Rock Guards

    Here’s likely the category we’ll fall into – homemade rock guards. As I said, Justin builds wooden boats and will be able to use scrap pieces of wood to make almost free rock guards. We’re lucky that he’s got the knowledge, skills, and tools to make such a thing.

    Becky on the AirForums made her own rock guards out of Lexan and they look incredibly professional.

    With some time, effort, and awesome people on the Internet who make tutorials, you could make your own rock guards that look totally awesome.

  • Purchasing Rock Guards

    You’ve spent a ton of time making your Airstream look nice. You’ve polished it more than you ever thought you could mentally stand. You’ve restored the interior. You’re not willing to put cardboard on the windows, and you don’t have the time to make your own window guards. While they’re not cheap, purchasing a rock guard for your windows will be a lot less expensive than replacing those windows in the long run.

    Vintage Trailer Supply
    has the best deals for rock guards, but it looks like they don’t have an option for the panorama windows that our Argosy has.

    They have a Lexan Vintage Front Window  Guard that is for Airstreams from 1966 to 1968. They come lightly tinted or untinted.

    Their second option is the Rox-Sol Gard Canopy which comes in semi-transparent clear or green, or translucent white. These are used on early 1960s Airstreams and are described as “funky but just how they should be.”

    Airstream Supply also has rock guards, and they come in a much wider variety of options. These are OEM  (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Airstream Parts.

    Please note: If you buy Airstream rock guards or windows online, make sure that you check the product on delivery. If there is any damage, refuse delivery and contact the online store immediately to resolve your issue.

Do you have rock guards? Did you make them yourself or purchase them? Are you risking the chances of having to replace a window and go without?


This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something I recommend, I can buy a much-needed cup of coffee. 


One thought on “Airstream Rock Guards – Protect Your Windows!

  1. Tomorrow we are placing an order for rock guards where Smokless Joe from Airforum got his. They are made with Sunbrella material and we too have an Argosy so the windows are big…love that! They are still not cheap, but they will do the job and there are many Sunbrella colors to choose from. With shipping it is about $400.

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