Why Instant Pots Are Great For Airstream Owners

Why Instant Pots Are Great For Airstream Owners


When we lived on a boat, my pressure cooker became the best tool in the galley. I used it constantly, from making soups and stews to baking bread. At the time, I was using a Presto 4qt. stainless steel pressure cooker. I still own it and use it frequently, but this year my mom bought me an Instant Pot that I fell in love with. I keep thinking about how amazing it will be to take it along in our Airstream when it’s all fixed up and ready to go.

The Instant Pot I have is the 6-quart version. It has 7 features (one is making yogurt!) and I’ve used all of the settings at this point. When I was researching them, I found out that some people own two or three Instant Pots and basically don’t cook in anything else. While I’m not that into mine (and don’t have space for more than one), I do love the thing and it’s been an awesome appliance to own.

For me, the best part of cooking with this is that I can get it set up and then not worry about it. It has definitely saved me a ton of time. This will be perfect for us when we’re out camping because we end up losing track of time and dinner ends up being pushed back far too late. It also saves on propane, doesn’t heat up your Airstream, and keeps condensation at bay.

I’ve made yogurt in the Instant Pot a few times now but wasn’t thrilled with how thin it came out. I decided to buy Ellie’s nut milk bag so that I can strain the yogurt when it’s done. I like the bag because it takes up almost no room at all as compared to any other kind of strainer, and it’s reusable, unlike cheesecloth. Guys, I love this thing. It makes my yogurt incredible, is easy to wash, I end up with whey (that’s what the liquid from the yogurt is called), AND I learned how to make YOGURT CHEESE, which is so so so delicious. (All you do is strain the greek yogurt even more, and you end up with a cheese that has the consistency, and nearly the flavor of goat cheese.)

I hope to add recipes to this site in the future, for Instant Pot, campfire, and grilling. Keep an eye out!

Do you own an Instant Pot? What have been your favorite recipes with it?


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