Aircraft Remover (Paint Stripper) Test On Our Airstream Argosy

Aircraft Remover (Paint Stripper) Test On Our Airstream Argosy

I decided to test the Aircraft Remover this afternoon. I decided to do a small corner up high, mostly because the paint is chipping away badly up there anyway and also just because the kids were out in the yard with me and I wasn’t sure how this stuff was going to work. The warnings on the can are pretty brutal and I didn’t want anyone accidentally touching it. They’re really good about listening and eventually I’ll have to work on things down low, but for the first attempt, it just made sense to start high.

I taped off the seams like the can suggested, then found some gloves, a mask, and protective glasses. You have to put the aircraft remover, which looks like hair gel, into a metal can and you’re supposed to paint it on. I wasn’t sure which paintbrush was safe to borrow from Justin, so I just used a rag. I think a brush would have worked better, as the rag soaked it up a bit. I also wasn’t putting it on thick enough, so I had to do it a second time. Once it starts kicking, it’s pretty amazing to watch. You can watch the paint pull away from the Airstream right before your eyes.

I also could have had a much better scraper…but that’s what today was about – testing what we had to see what would work better in the future. This will certainly be a big job, but now that I know what I’m up against I can plan better to make things more efficiently next time.


I took a short time-lapse of me working on it – check it out!



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