Preventing Rust On Our Airstream Trailer

Preventing Rust On Our Airstream Trailer

Justin and I spent a couple evenings with some rust preventive paint on the trailer which came out looking quite nice. It was a bit hard to spend so much money on a small can of paint, but we didn’t want the trailer to

get any worse for wear. We only had a couple of spots that were really bad, but even those should be fine since we used this stuff. You can use this paint directly on rust, but Justin did sand everything down before we started.

Since we were only painting the frame, we were able to get away with only using one quart.

Here’s (fuzzy) photographic proof:


In the meantime, we took a trip down to the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes in Empire, Michigan for a day trip and we saw so many Airstreams on the road. We tried to chase after one on foot, but they left before we could pester them. Looked like they had an awesome setup.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to head in that direction next year – probably not yet with our Airstream, but with our Coleman Instant Tent. The dunes were absolutely gorgeous. We weren’t brave enough to take the kids and dog down to the bottom of the dunes but I don’t regret a thing.


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