Weekly Roundup of 5 Riveting Airstream (Love) Deals

Weekly Roundup of 5 Riveting Airstream (Love) Deals

Have y’all noticed the amazing Airstream deals online? I’m not talking actual Airstreams or Airstream parts (well, not always) – I’m talking artwork, t-shirts, keychains, books, and even toys. It’s too hard to choose just 5 things, so we’ll be featuring 5 new products weekly. Some of the links may be coming from sites like eBay or Etsy, so I can’t guarantee that the items will be available.

If you sell something Airstream-related or have found a really awesome product, let me know and I’ll see if I can get it featured next week!

In no particular order, here are my top 5 picks for this week.



1. Airstream Mugs


The masterminds of Mini Masterpieces AZ contacted me and asked if I’d feature some of their products on Airstream Love. While I can’t accept all requests, this one was a no-brainer. Not only do they have these fantastic Airstream mugs, they have a huge array of other mugs and gifts that are unique and oftentimes hilarious. Thank you for letting us feature you, Katie and Chris!

2. Airstream 2017 Calendar



Has anyone else not gotten a 2017 calendar yet? I’m ordering this one right away. I noticed that they already have the 2018 version out as well!

 3. Hand Pulled Lino Print


The Airstream in this print is named Stella, which is owned by Leah Snow. Sarah (Leah’s daughter) hand pulled this gorgeous lino print, and there are many other beautiful prints on her site as well. Sarah’s artistry makes me want to learn the art of lino cutting!

4. Coleman Butane Stove

Last summer we were in the middle of nowhere Canada and realized we didn’t have a good way to cook other than the campfire on our ten-day camping trip. We like roughing it, but with two kids it’s sometimes easier to have a little stove. We bought the two-burner version of this butane stove and ended up loving it so much that Justin asked for a 12-pack of butane for a gift this Christmas. (And when he opened it, he was like a little kid. No joke.) Butane can be hard to find in the store (at least around here) so the twelve pack option is actually darn exciting. Maybe not as exciting as Justin made it out to be, but it will be nice to have around and will be really useful. Butane doesn’t go bad, but you do need to make sure that you keep the cans dry so that they don’t rust.

5. This Airstream Kitty  Camper


 This week we went to the animal shelter and came home with our very own kitty! I’m so excited. Her name is Peanut and it’s as if she’s been a part of our lives forever. Her chill attitude makes me wonder if she’ll be able to hang out with us in the Airstream. I can hope! Life is good.

Anway, I found this cat box (not a litter box, just a box for playing in/scratching on, btw) and I fell in love.

Look through the reviews – someone actually used this as a Halloween costume for their kid and it is adorable. Maybe I need to make an adult-sized one for myself for next year.

That’s all for this week!

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  1. Thank you Jenny for the great commentary and fun feature of our airstream mugs! Ever since we bought our project 1960 Land Yacht we have been completely seduced by airstream culture. Keep up the great work o. Your amazing blog 🙂

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