Removing Airstream Rivets With A Drill

Removing Airstream Rivets With A Drill

If you’re going to be doing any major renovation on the interior of your Airstream, you’ll end up removing rivets. Likely, you’ll be removing a lot of rivets. There are a few ways to go about this.

  1. Rivet removal tool.
  2. Chisel and hammer.
  3. Drill, ⅛” drill bit, pliers.

We went with the drill and drill bit, which proved to be easy and quick.

We used a Ryobi 12-volt drill

The rivets we drilled out in our Airstream Argosy had little indentations in the middle of them. All you have to do is drill into it with the ⅛” drill bit and then back it out. The rivet will be stuck on the drill bit but you can grab it with some pliers while you reverse the drill and they’ll back right off. 

So, that’s it. It’s really simple and was only time-consuming for us because of the number of rivets we had to drill out.

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