Weekly Roundup of 5 Riveting Airstream (Love) Deals: Indoor Cleaning Edition

Weekly Roundup of 5 Riveting Airstream (Love) Deals: Indoor Cleaning Edition

Thanks for joining us for our third Weekly Roundup! I’ve been having a lot of fun scouting out deals and sharing them with you.

We like to feature a homemade item first, so if you sell something Airstream-related let me know because I’d love to promote your products!

Starting this week, the weekly roundup will be a shopper’s guide in specific categories, such as cleaning, power tools, lighting, etc. This will make it easier to find products in previous roundups that you may have been interested in and wanted to revisit in the future. The Weekly Roundup menu will drop down to categorize these lists for you.

I know it’s not quite February, but the weather’s been warming up here and I’ve been starting to think about spring cleaning, so this week’s edition will feature indoor cleaning supplies and appliances. But first, our featured homemade Airstream deal, from RV Gems!

RV Gems

I discovered Traci on Instagram, whose profile states that her goal is to buy an RV and “hitting the road full-time.” Sweet! Traci’s Etsy shop features a wide variety of charms, trinkets, jewelry and more, but some of my favorite on her shop are these magnets! I’m not sure why, but I’ll never forget my parent’s collection of magnets in our little camper when I was a kid and I would have loved these!

                                              RV Gems


OK – Here’s the list of indoor cleaning supplies!

1. Simple Green



We bought a gallon of this stuff immediately, but I had no idea that they made this heavy-duty version. Despite our Airstream being a terrible, rotten wreck when we bought it, the Simple Green has done its job splendidly, and it seems like the gallon size jug will last us for quite some time.

2. Stanley Black & Decker Cordless Mini Canister Vac


We got this vacuum to clean up small spills in our house, but for being small and cordless, this thing is a power horse! We’ve had this vacuum for over two years and as far as I can tell, the battery is just as powerful as the day we got it. The attachments are all actually useful, and the pet hair attachment is seriously impressive. I never thought I’d want to be a vacuum salesperson, but if I had to go door-to-door in an Airstream park, I’d try to sell this thing. Not only has this been great for our renovation projects, but it’s great in the house and on camping trips. 

3. Dr. Bronners


I was first introduced to Dr. Bronner’s soap when I was about 8 years old and some family friends were staying at their cabin for the summer. We all went down to the river to play, and they grabbed a bottle of this stuff for their river bath. I remember reading the excessive amount of writing on the bottle (part of its charm) and seeing the claim that this stuff had at least 12 uses. When I asked our friends, they told me that they actually did use it for most of those uses, although they didn’t particularly recommend brushing your teeth with it. Well, as an 8-year-old, I was super intrigued. The next time we went to the cabin, I brought my toothbrush. Yeah, it’s kind of nasty but it’s also kind of cool.

Anyway, I usually have at least a half-gallon of this stuff in my house at all times, and I always bring it along when we go camping. When we’re on the road, I use it for dishes, laundry, general “household” cleaning, handwashing, showers, bathing in the lake, and washing the dog. I love that I don’t have to lug along dish soap, laundry soap, cleaners, shampoos, etc. I don’t love how it makes my long hair feel, so I usually bring along some shampoo for myself but Justin and the kids don’t seem to have the same problem (and I’m super picky about how my hair feels.)

4. Stanley Shop Vac


We’ve had our Stanley wet/dry vac for quite a few years now and this thing has held up great. It has been helpful countless times in the renovation process and we use it all the time in our house and garage, too. If you have the space to have a larger one (I think ours is the 4-gallon) go for it. We have to empty this one pretty frequently with the messy projects we get ourselves into. We got ours when we were still living on a boat and didn’t have room for anything larger at the time.

5. Diaper Flats 



This is probably not what you were expecting to see on the list. When my kids were small, we did the whole cloth diaper thing. Our oldest was living on the boat with us and we went through so many diapers that I was hand-washing them every day. These flats were the best to use because they were simple to wash and dried really, really fast. 

Anyway – these flats are great. They do a stand-up job cleaning and are so easy to hand wash (with Dr. Bronners!) and dry in a flash.

That’s all for this week!


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