Weekly Roundup of 5 Riveting Airstream (Love) Deals: Traveling Music Edition

Weekly Roundup of 5 Riveting Airstream (Love) Deals: Traveling Music Edition

Thanks for joining us for our Weekly Roundup! I’ve been having a lot of fun scouting out deals and sharing them with you. This one’s a little late, and next week might be as well. I’ve got a lot of different projects going on.

We like to feature a homemade item first, so if you sell something Airstream-related let me know because I’d love to promote your products!

This week I want to talk about something that is near and dear to my heart – music. I started making my own music a long, long time ago on the flute, but one of my favorite things was learning new instruments.

Over the years I’ve played the flute, piano, trumpet, numerous percussion instruments, guitar, ukulele, banjolele, accordion, and most recently I’ve been tinkering with a friend’s banjo. Now that I live in a house I’m able to own almost all of these, but obviously, an Airstream doesn’t have space to house most of my instruments. Fortunately, there’s travel size – and along the way, I’ve collected a fair bit of these. 

I don’t take my instrument collecting lightly (unless they’re free) – I researched all of my purchases extensively.

Wild and Free Designs Postcards

I love these postcards! While it’s fun to collect postcards along the way on your journey, it’s also nice to have a stockpile in case you forgot to pick one up at your last pit stop. Laura’s Etsy store has a ton of great reviews and these are super affordable.

Wild and Free Designs


1. Washburn Rover Travel Guitar


I’ve had my rover for close to a decade now, and I adore it. For its small size, this guitar has a really great sound. My first-ever guitar was difficult to play and hurt my fingers and the rover doesn’t do that, so I end up playing it more often.

2. G-Boom


We’ve only had this for a few months, but I AM IN LOVE. I can’t wait for summer to hit so we can bring this thing outside. It has Bluetooth, a great sound, and is super rugged. We’ll definitely bring this camping with us, and it is going to be awesome. 

3. Concertina


I was randomly given an accordion this year. I’ve been wanting to learn to play since I was a kid, but never thought I’d ever be given one! When we lived on a boat, Justin bought me this adorable Schylling Kids Accordion which is super cute, sounds decent for the price, and is honestly a lot of fun. In fact, we still have the thing and it’s held up darn well – so maybe I should be recommending that instead of a Concertina!

Anyway, a friend of mine has this Concertina and she brings it with her everywhere. It seems fairly simple to play and is a great travel size with a great sound. I can only imagine that this will be the next instrument that I end up collecting!

4. Eddy Finn Banjolele



I got my first ukulele a few years ago. I was initially intimidated to learn another string instrument (after all, I’m not very good at guitar) but it was a gift. (Yes, I’ve been given a lot of instruments – I’m a very lucky gal.) It turns out, the ukulele is one of the greatest instruments of all time because it’s darn easy to learn 2-3 chords and play hundreds, if not thousands, of songs. That’s great and all, but what I really wanted to learn was the banjo.

Somewhere along the way, I learned about the most brilliant instrument of all time – the banjolele. It sounds like a banjo but you play it like a uke. I made it my mission to save up and buy one for myself. I spent months researching what I wanted – something that wasn’t too expensive but still had a good sound. Some of the other contenders were the Luna Concert Banjolele and the Oscar Schmidt Banjolele. In the end, I chose the Eddy Finn based on the YouTube videos – I felt like the sound it produced was more banjo-like than the others. 

5. Rise Up Singing Songbook


If you’re going to have an all-encompassing songbook, this is a great one to own. My friends and I get together fairly often and end up playin’ music and singing and this book always makes its way to the forefront. It has over 1200 songs ranging from Amazing Grace to the Beatles to Woodie Guthrie. It spans across many cultures, holidays, musicals, and subjects – and includes a great set of indexes to boot.

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