Adding Insulation Under The Floor Of Your Airstream

Adding Insulation Under The Floor Of Your Airstream

Well, we had a minor setback with the floor installation. We bought the wrong plywood. Ugh. We purchased 3/4″ treated and tucked it away in the garage to dry for a couple of months (the stuff was heavy as hell because it was so wet.) 

It wasn’t exactly our fault that we bought the wrong stuff. We left a single panel of subfloor intact at the door to make working on it a bit easier, but it just so happens that someone replaced that panel in the past and used the wrong thickness. We didn’t realize until our 3/4″ wood was dry and ready to install. 

Justin had the first piece cut and at the ready, but when he went to fit it into the c-channel, we realized our dire mistake – what we really needed was 5/8″ plywood.

The worst part was not that we had let the wood dry for weeks on end, it was that we had to drive all the way to Traverse City to purchase the right size. Thankfully, the store was gracious enough to let us return the wood we had bought, and the new wood we bought was not nearly as sopping wet, so we didn’t feel the need to let it sit quite as long.

In the meantime, we were able to install the insulation under the (soon-to-be) subfloor. We ran some 2x4s down the center of the trailer (as seen below) and bought pink foam board which we then cut into pieces and fit it down the center of the trailer. We then cut and fitted pieces down the sides, and spray foamed those in to fill in any gaps.

Here’s a shot of the progress:

Stay tuned for our on-frame subfloor installation post! 

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